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Tank Colors

RED You have undoubtedly noticed that when you mouseover the tanks on the side menu to the left that they each turn a different color. Although it appears to be random colors, there is indeed reason and pattern to the order of the colors.
ORANGE The order of the colors is related to SCUBA diving - of course!
YELLOW Permit me to introduce you to Roy G. Biv.
GREEN Roy is a ficticious person to whom my 7th grade math teacher recently introduced me after having told her about our SCUBA diving certification.
BLUE As you decend into the watery depths, you start to "lose" colors due to the various wave lengths of the colors. The order in which you visually lose the colors at depth is represented by the letters in the name of our friend, Roy G. Biv.
INDIGO In my opinion, the prettiest color being used in scuba diving has to be the florescent green. Probably the easiest color to see under water is the florescent yellow. However, I have not had an occassion to see the green at depth, yet.
VIOLET Although we each have chosen the color scheme of either purple or blue as being the highlight color of our individual wetsuit, we have incorporated florescent yellow into the color scheme of the velcro strap of our dive masks. Other color schemas to be incorporated are still TBD.