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Google Earth KMZ Files
The following are links to Google Earth KMZ files. They contain ship wreck coordinates from all over the Gulf Of Mexico as well as some in the Atlantic and Carribean. I gathered the information from several sources on the internet and wrote a computer program that converted the information from their website into a file that was readable by Google Earth.

To download, simply right click on the KMZ Link and perform a "Save As" to store to your hard drive. Then, start Google Earth. Once running, go to the "File" option and select "Open". Go to the KMZ file you downloaded, single click on it, and click "Open".

There is no implicit nor explicit guarantee on the accuracy of the data outside that of the internet web sites' from which the data was extracted.

I will eventually have some really cool software relating to diving, which are already in development, available for you which I have yet to see any computer programmer make available to any divers anywhere. And yes, all my software will be freeware for everyone to enjoy.

Western Gulf Shipwrecks - kmz

Central Gulf Shipwrecks - kmz

Eastern Gulf Shipwrecks - kmz

Florida Panhandle Shipwrecks - kmz

  Florida Gulf Shipwrecks - kmz

Florida Keys Shipwrecks - kmz

Florida Atlantic Shipwrecks - kmz

Florida Springs - kmz   (by Leslie Sapp)

Spanish Treasure Fleet Shipwrecks 1773 - kmz

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